Pat & Wanda | HeadShots

I love working with real estate agents. From photographing their listings to photographing them for their marketing materials. A week ago we set up shop at Pat and Wanda’s office and had a fun photo session. Both of these ladies have been working hard to shed a few pounds, and they look great! So of course new head shots and marketing pictures were needed!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.

Home Grown Bloggers | Event

The last weekend of September, y’all, was a busy one. Earlier that week a sister photographer messaged me that something had come up and would keep her from shooting an event. I had a family session that morning, but told her I could fill in afterwards.

I arrived at the Home Grown Bloggers event at Morgan Creek Vineyards mid morning to find a room full of beautiful, eager to learn bloggers engaged with each other during one of their sessions.

Heather and Kirsten are the brains behind Home Grown Bloggers. I had met Heather at another blogging event, but this was my first time to meet Kirsten. Y’all, these ladies are the definition of passionate when it comes to blogging and teaching. They are successful bloggers who are wanting other bloggers to succeed, and that’s exactly what this event was all about.


The open forum sessions had everyone engaging in the topics. The ladies were soaking up every bit of knowledge from the speakers.

Before lunch, the ladies all got together to have some confetti fun! The sweet folks at The Confetti Bar sent everyone packs of confetti and it made for a fun picture!


Lunch was provided by Eugene’s Hot Chicken. Heads up Birmingham, it’s here, and it’s SO GOOD!


So many sponsors helped make the #HGBham event happen. Everyone left with some amazing SWAG!


At the end of the day, I spent some time with Heather and Kirsten to take some promotional pictures of them around the Vineyard. If you are interesting in learning more about their expertise in blogging, contact them here or here. Their sessions will be available to purchase online, soon!


Ladies, thanks again or having me out to capture your day and event. It was a fun and inspirational day learning about professional blogging.

Spa One80 — Head Shots

Does anyone else think that going to a new stylist is like going on a first date?

Is he/she pretty?
Will y’all click?
Will I leave happy, or in tears?

A stylist is more than just a person who has shears in their hands. He/she will help you solve the worlds problems at the wash bowl. He/she will have your life story by the end of your appointment. And lets not forget that he/she has the power to change your look (in a good or bad way). At the end of that “first date” you know if y’all have chemistry.

And more than likely, if you click, you’ll end up being best friends for life.

Over a year ago, I had my last “first date” with my stylist, Krystle. If she or I ever move away, I’d still travel every six weeks to have her work her magic. I’ve followed her as she found her new home away from home at Spa One80. I’ve even gotten to know her fellow teammates, and have grown to love them as well.

They’ve been in their new location for a few months now. Everything is so chic. They’ve built their team, and they are rocking it! They are a full service salon/spa including hair, nails, facials, and massage. We decided once they got settled in that we’d set a time for head shots, and yesterday was that day.

Are you ready to meet the faces behind Spa One80? Be sure to check out their Facebook page every day for the next ten days to learn more about each person on their team.



Thanks for a great session, y’all!