The Sowells | Family

During the craziness of the busy season, we stopped and took a moment to take our family pictures! A HUGE thank you to my bestie, Stephanie ( for meeting us to take them. We have the same camera so I brought her one of my SD cards and she made the magic happen. When we got home I downloaded the pictures to my computer. When I opened them up — I was in love!

No my kids aren’t smiling in every photo. And not every picture is perfect. But, it’s our family pictures and we are happy to have this moment in time captured for our memories! It’s fun to see our yearly pictures and how the girls have changed in a year!

We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year! I look forward to capturing memories for you and your family in 2017!!

Enjoy my favorites from our family session!


Christmas PJs | Sowell Sisters

Christmas babies, Christmas pjs, and Christmas books — these are a few of my favorite things!

We ordered the girls their Christmas pajamas back in August, and I was so excited to get them out so they could wear them this holiday season. I had a few requests for Christmas pjs minis, so I set something up and opened up a few spots to take over the next week.

After my first mini session this morning, I got the girls ready for a quick session. Just FYI, your own kids are harder to photograph than anyone else, or at least that’s the way it is for me. But I managed to get some really cute shots of them, and I think I’m going to have to order some ornaments with their pictures on them for their tree!

Enjoy some of my favorites. I might be a little biased, but they couldn’t get much cuter!


Back to School | Kids

My littles will be heading back to Mother’s Day Out (MDO) and preschool soon. Our little buddy, Brayden, who was in Avery’s class last year will be attending a different preschool this year. So we got together to take some back to school pictures, and let the kids play one more time before school starts back.


My girls were not into taking pictures. Little bit was sleepy, and the other one just wanted to play. So, these aren’t the best, but at least we got two!


Lenley Parker | O N E

It’s hard to believe, but our littlest love has turned ONE! That year went by waaaay too fast! A couple of days before her birthday I took her smash cake photos. Needless say it was first for me, and for her. And I couldn’t have asked for a better “first!”

Enjoy viewing a few of my favorites from her watermelon themed smash cake session.


Cake by Delicious Bakery
Banner by Abby Calhoun
Shirt by Ooe and Auti

Sowell Sisters | Children

Let’s be honest here. I take pictures of my girls each and every day. But, I’ve always hired other photographers to take the big moments of their lives — newborn, birthday, family, etc sessions. My husband, family, and friends have always asked why I don’t take them on big occasions myself? Well, I finally decided I’d take Lenley’s 1st birthday pictures and see how it goes. You know how your own children are your best and worst clients? So we will see how her smash cake session goes in the coming days.

I still love someone else taking our family pictures. So we will still try to have someone else take our family photo every year.

Here are some of the girls that I took Sunday afternoon. The ones of Lenley will be part of her first birthday pictures.