The Reyes |Kids

The Reyes family have become sweet friends of ours. The friendship started off last year during Preschool and Mother’s Day Out. Our kids are the same age, and were in class together. Once they became friends, Lindsey and I were introduced and we became fast friends. We found out in May that this sweet family is moving to another state at the end of summer. And, well, we are crushed. My kids ask everyday to see Stephen, Becca and Mae, and I know once they move many tears will be shed. So, we are spending as much time together as we can this summer to make memories.

Lindsey wanted some updated pictures of her littles, and the weather has not been cooperating on the days we have planned. So, we got up EARLY this morning, and the outcome was perfection!

Enjoy a few of my favorites of Stephen, Becca, and Mae!


Judah | One Year Old

I met little Judah when he was just a few months old during VBS at our church last summer. He was so snuggly, and we all fought over who was going to hold him every day. And now, this little man is about to be ONE!

He has some of the sweetest parents, and we are lucky enough to call them friends! I can’t wait to see this little one start walking soon!

It was hard picking favorites, but here are mine…